LV Prasad Eye Institute organizes a Retinoblastoma awareness walk

L V Prasad Eye Institute’s MithuTulsiChanrai Campus in Bhubaneswar organized a Retinoblastoma Awareness Walk on . This walk is part of the ‘Whitathon’ event organized by LV Prasad Eye Institute across its campuses in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Celebrity actor, Mr Sabyasachi Mishra, will be flagging off the walk.

Whitathon is L V Prasad Eye Institute’s annual cause-related event focusing on raising awareness and funds for early diagnosis and treatment of Retinoblastoma – a Life and Vision-threatening Eye Cancer in Children. One of the most common symptoms of Retinoblastoma is White Reflex (white glow) in a child’s eye. Through this walk, LVPEI aims to raise awareness among the public that if they spot a ‘White Reflex’ in a child’s eye, it could be a sign of eye cancer that needs immediate medical intervention. Hence, the event is named ‘Whitathon’.

Dr Devjyoti Tripathy, Ocular Oncologist, MithuTulsiChanrai Campus,Bhubaneswar, L V Prasad Eye Institute said, “Our aim is to raise awareness about early detection and treatment of retinoblastoma eye cancer in children. No child should die of eye cancer because of lack of awareness and treatment. We extend our sincere thanks toMr Sabyasachi Mishra for joining us for the Retinoblastoma Awareness Walk and spreading awareness about Retinoblastoma. We also acknowledge the support received from Aroh – Giving Hope, an NGO working for children with Cancer and their families.”

Dr Tripathy further added that it is time to make detailed eye check-ups a part of mandatory paediatric examinations. Parents and physicians should be educated about symptoms that could otherwise be easily dismissed as an infection. There is a need for increased awareness about this life-threatening disease among parents and the community at large.