High-Security Registration Plates mandatory in Odisha: Know timeline

Cuttack: In accordance Central Government amended Rule 50 of CMVR and Notifications/Statutory Orders from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Transport department has made affixation of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) mandatory for all class of old vehicles which were registered prior to April 1, 2019.

The HSRP on old vehicles will be affixed by OEM (vehicle manufacturers) through their authorised vehicle dealers. Vehicle owners are free to choose any dealer, place and date for affixing of HSRP.  There will be no penal action for not affixing HSRP for first three months i.e.  till 31st August 2022.

Earlier, the HSRP has already been made mandatory for all new vehicles registered on or after 1 April, 2019. 

To control and check the substandard material, only Original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) / Authorized dealers of OEM will be allowed to fix the HSRP on the old vehicles. The vehicle manufacturers and dealers are bound to display their rate for different category of vehicle manufactured by them on their portals and showrooms.

HSRP would be affixed by OEMs and their Authorized dealers only. Only the HSRP vendor authorized by the vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) shall supply the HSRPs to their authorized dealers.  Affixation of HSRP on old vehicles shall be carried by authorized dealers of OEMs.In Odisha, the vehicle owner shall book for fitment of HSRP and make payment for the purpose through online portal authorized by the OEMs to maintain the transparency and to prevent excess charging from the vehicle owners.

The transport department has directed OEMs to make their online portals live for Odisha customers to book HSRP immediately. The portal authorized by the OEMs shall offer the facility to the vehicle owner for selection of any location and date for affixing of HSRP as per their convenience.

Why High-Security Registration Plates?

HSRPs are made of aluminium. These plates are tamper-proof and come with two non-reusable locks. The number plates have a chromium-based Ashoka Chakra on the left, along with ‘IND’ written. The vehicle identification number will be laser encoded, which is easy to be scanned and difficult to be tampered with.Old number plates are easy to tamper with and can be misused by thieves.

However, the HSRP plates come with a non-removable snap- lock and are difficult to replace. The HSRPs comprises details like engine number and chassis number in a centralised database. The data helps in identifying a stolen vehicle. The stored data along with a 10 digit PIN (laser code) helps in identifying a stolen car.

Previously installed number plates used to come with different fonts and styles customized by the vehicle owners. This made it difficult for traffic police personnel to read the vehicle’s registration number, especially if it was moving.

With HSRP, registration plates will have unified fonts and styles, making them better comprehensible.

Who cannot apply online for fitment of HSRP through online portal?·       

If the vehicle doesn’t’t have valid Fitness     

If the vehicle doesn’t’t have valid Registration

If the vehicle doesn’t’t have valid Tax       

If the vehicle already taken NOC·       

The vehicle under Non-use     

The vehicle whose R.C. has been cancelled or black listed.


Timeline for affixing HSRP:

A.      For all class of vehicles registered prior to 1st April, 2019, the vehicle owners shall have to take necessary steps to get the HSRP affixed on their vehicle as per timeline given below-  

No e-challan shall be issued and no fine shall be collected or no penal action shall be taken against any old vehicle registered prior to 1st April, 2019 for plying vehicles without HSRP till 31.08.2022. After that challans will be issued in accordance with the last date given for various series of vehicle.

In case the vehicle is not affixed with HSRP within the scheduled date mentioned above, e-challan shall be issued against the offending vehicle and attract fine of Rs. 5000/- or Rs.10, 000/- under Section 192 of M.V. Act, 1988 as the case may be.