Prakruti Mishra and Babushaan open up on viral video

On Saturday morning, Bhubaneswar streets witnessed a high voltage drama after actor Babushaan’s wife Trupti thrashed actress Prakruti Mishra in public glare.

In the viral video, Babushaan’s wife Trupti can be seen heckling Prakruti Mishra accusing her of having extra-marital affairs with Babushaan. She also bashed up Babushaan. Trupti also pulled the actress’ hair and tried to push her out of the vehicle.

Hours after the incident took place, the duo opened up about the incident.

Speaking to OTV, Babushaan said that he and Prakruti have been invited as guests Utkal Diwas celebration organized by Utkal Association in Chennai.  “She (Prakruti) is a very good friend of mine and so I had gone to pick her up from Bhubaneswar airport,” the Premam actor said.

“On way to the airport, suddenly my wife and father-in-law came and attacked us and harassed Prakruti which was totally unacceptable. I have no other complaints because I understand my wife’s feelings since she does not belong to film industry, so she has no idea about our work and how we work. I am in complete shock. That’s it,” Babushaan told OTV.

On the other hand, Prakruti Mishra also spoke about the ugly fight. “I was dragged into their family matter. We are just friends. Fans even know our bonding. I am not afraid of anyone. I am always dragged for my bold and straightforward statements. This time, I have to take the law’s help to get justice because I am right,” the actress told OTV in an interview.

It may be noted that both Prakruti and Babushaan are quite popular among the Odia film audience for their superb acting skills.