Prakruti Misha

Accused of ‘illicit relation’ with Babushaan, Prakruti Mishra gets fans’ support

A day after Ollywood actress Prakruti Misha landed in controversy after a video showing she was being assaulted by her co-actor Babushaan’s wife on Bhubaneswar streets, fans of the Premam actress came in support of her.

Prakruti Mishra has shared their post in favor of her on her verified Instagram profile.

“Working out on Women Empowerment For this Society is Subject to “the Ground Breaking” reality of facing the real harrasment, do they know I have a Larger goal towards changing the dogma ? I think it empowers me to work more for it ! I think i m not yet done with my work, and i need to do more to finally achieve my goal “Women Empowerment,” Prakruti Mishra said before sharing her fans’ support post.

In her Insta story, the actress has shared a post, which read, “Are we done? Or are still choosing views and audience engagement over ethics of journalism and privacy?”

Another fan has shared a video of the actress calling her talented.

In similar post a fan said, “Prakruti Mishra! A living legend to fight the odds to prove Devi or Maa is as equal sync with Shiva society, if she can’t be a benevolent figure, I’m not sure how anyone xan fight against the odds of machismo society!”