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HSRP number plate: Know who won’t be fined in Odisha

Slot booking done for fitment of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) before the deadline shall be duly considered during the enforcement.

The deadline for affixation of HSRP on the old vehicles registered prior to 1st April, 2019 carrying Odisha Registration Mark and Registration Number ending with 1, 2, 3 & 4 will end on September 30.

The law enforcing agencies shall enforce the fitment with effective from 1st October, 2022

No e-challan shall be issued and no fine shall be collected or no penal action shall be taken against any old vehicle registered prior to 1st April, 2019 for plying vehicles without HSRP if the vehicle owner has online booking slip.

In a press note, Dipti Ranjan Patra, Joint Commissioner Transport, Technical said “It is observed that due to sudden rise in online booking for fitment of HSRP, some of the vehicle owners are facing difficulties for getting a slot for fitment of HSRP within the timeline.

In case any vehicle owner has applied for HSRP online before the timeline applicable to his/her vehicle, he/she shall be exempted from enforcement checking provided they produce an online booking slip during the checking.”

Shri Patra further informed, “As on 25.09.22, a total of 1,678,163 vehicle owners have booked slot, out of which HSRP has been affixed in 730,303 vehicles.” He further said, “In case the vehicle is not affixed with HSRP within the scheduled date or the vehicle owner does not have online booking slip, e-challan shall be issued against the offending vehicle and attract fine of Rs. 5000/- or Rs.10, 000/- under Section 192 of M.V. Act, 1988 as the case may be.”

In accordance with Central Government amended Rule 50 of CMVR and Notifications/Statutory Orders from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Transport department has made affixation of HSRP mandatory since June 1st, 2022 for all class of old vehicles which were registered prior to April 1, 2019.

Patra further informed that, “Old number plates are easy to tamper with and can be misused by thieves. However, the HSRP plates come with a non-removable snap- lock and are difficult to replace. These plates are tamper-proof and come with two non-reusable locks.”

HSRP have a chromium-based Ashoka Chakra on the left, along with ‘IND‘ written. The vehicle identification number will be laser encoded, which is easy to be scanned and difficult to be tampered with.

To control and check the substandard material, only Original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) / Authorized dealers of OEM are allowed to fix the HSRP on the old vehicles. Vehicle owners are free to choose any dealer, place and date for affixing of HSRP. Earlier, the HSRP has already been made mandatory for all new vehicles registered on or after 1 April, 2019. HSRP can be affixed by OEMs and their Authorized dealers only.