Achana Nag Sextortion case: A politician paid Rs 33L for Ford Endeavour, says report

Bhubaneswar: As the Enforcement Directorate (ED) continued its probe into alleged money laundering case, linked to lady blackmailer Archana Nag, many facts are being unfolded.

In the latest development, a well-known politician had paid Rs 33 lakh to the Archana Nag for the Ford Endeavour. The SUV was traced out from Mancheswar in Bhubaneswar on Saturday evening.

According to reports, the political leader had deposited Rs 33 lakh in Archana Nag’s account four buying the four-wheeler. The Enforcement Directorate is likely to summon the politician soon. The agency also probing into the who drove the car to Mancheswar and abandoned it there.

Meanwhile, the ED also got to know about ownership of the SUV. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has conformed that the car belongs to Archana.

It may be noted that the ED got to know about the car from Khageswar Patra, an aid of Archana, during interrogation. On the basis of Khageswar’s revelation, the agency started a drive to locate the car found it in Mancheswar.