RCPSDC to skill SHG women members in footwear manufacturing

Department of Mission Shakti, Government of Odisha has collaborated with The Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council (RCPSDC) to improve livelihood opportunities for SHG women members through market focused skilling and entrepreneurship promotion in footwear manufacturing.

Over a period of next two years, as many as 2000 women SHG members will be trained by RCPSDC in footwear (Hawai slipper) manufacturing and empowered to commence their micro manufacturing/ assembling units.

Besides skill training, the project envisages necessary support in setting up of minimum 100 foot wear manufacturing/assembling units by engaging 2000 skilled SHG members and facilitating credit linkage, branding and market connect including connect with large retailers or export-houses to ensure sustainability of the enterprises.

“In a comprehensive skill training exercise, SHG women members will be trained in all the aspects of footwear manufacturing from sourcing raw materials, storage, manufacturing, quality checking, packaging, warehousing, sales, bookkeeping to banking. The ultimate objective will be to ensure that 2,000 chosen women SHG members emerge as self-employed Hawai Slipper manufacturers. Besides skill training, RCPSDC will facilitate SHGs / Producer Groups to connect with large retailers or export-houses for work that could be out-sourced”, said Saif Mohammad – CEO, RCPSDC.