Gandii Baat actress Aabha Pau

Gandii Baat actress Aabha Paul’s bold pics in bath tub viral

Some pictures of actress Aabha Paul have going viral on social media these days. In the pics , Aabha Paul is seen taking a bath in the bathroom.

Surprisingly, Aabha Paul is not wearing anything except an inner wear covering her modesty. Aabha raises the temperature by sharing her sexy and hot photo reels on social media. The photos suggest Aabha Paul is busy in a photo shoot.

She is very active on her official social media account and keeps sharing something or the other every day. Whatever pictures the actress posts; they go viral on social media within minutes.

It is definitely not the first time the bold queen of television and OTT has shared her topless photos and videos online; however, this one definitely crosses all limits of boldness. Aabha Paul has worked in a string of bold web series.