Online scam

Youth from Odisha duped of Rs 18,000 in job scam involving male escort service

Jeypore: In a distressing incident, a young man from Odisha fell victim to a fraudulent scheme wherein he was deceived of Rs 18,000 by a woman who promised him a job in a male escort service.

As per the reports, the victim is employed at a shop in Boipariguda town, situated in the Koraput district. On April 19, he came across a video on social media where a young woman initiated a conversation with him, alluring him into engaging in physical relations with her.

The woman claimed that she would compensate him monetarily as her husband was not proficient in bed. Subsequently, she identified herself as an employee of a “playboy” or “gigolo” service provider and requested the victim to submit his biodata for the job.

Trusting the woman’s words, the victim shared his Aadhar card details and paid a registration fee of Rs 999. The youth continued to transfer money in three installments, amounting to a total of Rs 3000, and eventually received an identity card from the fraudulent agency. However, by May 8, it became evident that he had been conned, having lost a sum of Rs 18,000.

This unfortunate incident highlights the dangers of falling victim to online scams and the importance of exercising caution when engaging with unknown individuals on social media platforms.

It serves as a reminder for everyone to remain vigilant and skeptical of offers that seem too good to be true.