Accelerated growth and progress: Pradhan stresses benefits of BJP rule in Odisha

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s address at the ‘Garib Kalyan Samabesh’ held in Dhenkanal district highlighted the potential for significant development in Odisha if a ‘double-engine’ BJP government is established in the state.

Pradhan emphasized the benefits of having a BJP government in Odisha in conjunction with the Modi government at the Centre, stating that it would ensure accelerated growth and progress.

This article provides an analysis of Pradhan’s key points and their implications for Odisha’s development.

Accelerated Growth and Progress

Pradhan’s emphasis on the benefits of a ‘double-engine’ government stems from the belief that a synchronized approach between the state and central governments can lead to accelerated growth and progress. By aligning policies and resources, Pradhan argues that Odisha stands to benefit from the combined efforts of the BJP-led state government and the Modi government at the Centre. This approach could potentially address the developmental gaps and unlock the state’s true potential.

Economic Growth and Financial Support

During his speech, Pradhan praised the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attributing India’s remarkable economic growth and improved internal security to his guidance. Pradhan also acknowledged the substantial financial support provided by the Modi government to Odisha through various initiatives. These include the 15th Finance Commission, mining sector revenue, District Mineral Fund (DMF), national highways, aviation, and digital India.

One notable achievement highlighted by Pradhan was the increase in revenue generated from the mining sector in Odisha due to the mining policy amendment by the Modi government. The state’s revenue from the mining sector has grown from Rs 5,000 crore during the Congress regime to an impressive Rs 50,000 crore. This significant increase in revenue can be seen as a testament to the positive impact of policy changes implemented by the central government.

Welfare Schemes and People’s Benefits

Pradhan also mentioned the various welfare schemes implemented in Odisha, such as PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana), Swachh Bharat, Ujjwala scheme, Khadyanna Yojana, and MGNREGS. These initiatives have had a positive impact on the lives of the people of Dhenkanal and Odisha as a whole. They have improved access to housing, sanitation, clean cooking fuel, food security, and employment opportunities. The successful implementation of these schemes demonstrates the commitment of the central government towards the overall welfare of the citizens.

Credit-taking and Political Dynamics

Expressing concern, Pradhan criticized the state government for attempting to take credit for the central government’s schemes. This highlights the underlying political dynamics between the BJP-led central government and the ruling party in Odisha.

Pradhan’s call for the support of the people to ensure the re-election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister in 2024 reflects the broader political ambitions of the BJP and its aim to establish a stronger presence in Odisha.As the political landscape continues to evolve, the call for re-electing Narendra Modi as Prime Minister reflects the BJP’s aspirations and the desire to strengthen its presence in the state.