Kalinga Literary Festival announces its bi-monthly edition in Cuttack

Bhubaneswar: The Kalinga Literary Festival is excited to unveil its latest endeavor as it partners with Cuttack Heritage Walks to present an extraordinary bi-monthly literary celebration in the mesmerizing Silver City, Cuttack.

The event is set to take place on 30th July 2023, amidst the enchanting aura of Cuttack’s rich heritage and cultural splendor.

Cuttack, a city that boasts a tapestry of history and cultural heritage, has been a pivotal influencer in shaping the vibrant culture of Odisha. Located along the banks of the majestic Mahanadi River, Cuttack’s historical significance dates back centuries, making it an ideal locale to rejoice in the fusion of literature and art.

This literary extravaganza will be a unique collaboration between the Kalinga Literary Festival and Cuttack Heritage Walks. As experts in showcasing the city’s architectural marvels, cultural landmarks, and hidden gems, Cuttack Heritage Walks is a valuable partner in our mission to explore and celebrate the heritage of this glorious city.

From its awe-inspiring architecture to its intricate silver filigree work, Cuttack emanates a charm that captivates hearts. With its treasure trove of tales waiting to be discovered and shared, Cuttack’s history weaves seamlessly into Odisha’s rich cultural mosaic, offering a glimpse into the past that remains ever-present. Kalinga Literary Festival will host Kalinga Literary Festival Cuttack bi-monthly at Cuttack in last Sunday.

“Cuttack has been the literary, cultural and business capital of Odisha for centuries. KLF Cuttack is an attempt to engage with & celebrate Cuttack’s glorious past, the vibrant present and an inspiring future” said Rashmi Ranjan Parida, Founder & Director of Kalinga Literary Festival.

KLF Cuttack’s inaugural day will host some of the legendary names of Odisha Literature such as legendary poet and Sahitya Akademi awardee Padma Jayanta Mahapatra, acclaimed actor, writer & TV Presenter Satyabrata (Kuna) Tripathy, eminent poet Saroj Ranjan Mohanty, Amaresh Patnaik, poet Deepak Samantray, renowned journalist & author Kasturi Ray & Sandeep Sahu and many more literary figures.

The festival will also host renowned multilingual poets such as Jnanee Debasish Mishra, Amiya Ranjan Mohapatra, Suresh Nayak, Bijay Malla, Ranjita Nayak, Dr Sarojini Sarangi, Prof Anjuman Ara, Chinmay Jena, & Frederick Wright and others.

“KLF Cuttack is a unique initiative of the Kalinga Literary Festival that aims to revive & promote Cuttack’s glorious past & its cultural contribution to upheld Odisha’s traditional values. We invite all the literary lovers & enthusiasts to join us in the mega celebration & bask in the glory of Cuttack’s history, ” said Parida.