SUMUM surgeons conducts laparascopic surgery on 1-month baby

Bhubaneswar: Pediatric surgeons at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) here successfully operated on a one-month-old baby girl employing the laparascopic method to repair her inguinal hernia which caused obstruction of the ovary.

“We regularly do open surgery in such cases. As the baby weighed only three kg, the choice of laparascopic surgery was quite challenging,” Prof. (Dr.) Antaryami Pradhan, Consultant Surgeon in the hospital who headed the surgery team, said.

This is the youngest patient operated through laparascopic method in the hospital till now, he said adding though the parents were a bit fearful initially they were quite happy when the baby was discharged.

Surgery in newborns are without much risk because of safe anesthesia and availability of advanced facilities in the operation theatre, Prof. (Dr.) Pradhan said adding laparascopy results in less pain, quick recovery and discharge from the hospital one day after surgery.

Dr. Dipankar Padhiary and Dr. Bhabani Pati, anesthesiologists administered anesthesia to the baby while Pediatricians Dr. Pradip Kumar Dey, Dr. Ajay Gahan, NICU staff, pharmacists and other OT personnel were the integral part of the baby’s treatment, he said.

Prof. (Dr.) Pradhan also thanked the CEO of the hospital, Dr. Swetapadma Dash and Chief of Medical Services Brig. (Dr.) Biraj Mohan Mishra for their support in undertaking critical surgeries.