KSAA’s transformative plan unfolds under OSL Director Charchit Mishra’s stewardship

Paradip: The Kalinga Steamship Agents Association (KSAA) has embarked on an exciting new chapter under the dynamic stewardship of its inaugurated president, Charchit Mishra, Director, Orissa Stevedores Limited (OSL), during a momentous assembly at Hotel Empires on December 6.

In his reactions, KSAA President Charchit Mishra said, “This transformative plan is an open invitation to every member of the association. We encourage active participation as this marks only the beginning of an exciting journey that will shape the future of the Kalinga Steamship Agents Association.”

KSAA Secretary Swodesh Ranjan Swain from Infinity Shipping Private Limited expressed, “As Charchit Mishra leads the association and our transformative plan unfolds, we extend an invitation to every member to be an integral part of this journey. Together, we can elevate our association to new heights, ensuring it remains a valuable and supportive entity for all.”

Notably, KSAA reposes firm faith in Charchit Mishra as he is a seasoned leader with a passion for positive change and is now steering the association toward a future of increased relevance and impact within the maritime community.

Besides, his strategic plan – crafted alongside a dedicated team – aims to foster collaboration, encourage continuous learning, and amplify advocacy efforts.

Moreover, KSAA pins high hopes on Charchit Mishra as he ensures the effective execution of this transformative plan as well as his able leadership is a guiding force meant for navigating the association through uncharted waters towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Prominent among others who are adding wisdom and guidance to this journey of KSAA are Antaryami Patnaik from M/s. Roy & Charterjee Pvt. Ltd., as Honorary Advisor;
Manoranjan Mishra from M/s. Everett (India) Pvt Ltd and Minaketan Behera from M/s. Interocean Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd. as Vice Presidents.

The illustrious team of Office Bearers comprises Swodesh Ranjan Swain from M/s. Infinity Shipping Private Limited as Secretary;
Arun Kumar from M/s. GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd. as Joint Secretary; Junith Kumar Das from M/s. Chowgule Brothers Pvt. Ltd., as Treasurer;
Umasankar Mishra from M/s. ASL SHIPPING & Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd. & Subas Chandra Nayak from M/s. James Machinosh & Co. Pvt. Ltd. as Cashiers.

The Executive Members are Harihar Dash from M/s. Orissa Stevedores Ltd, A K Ojha from M/s. United liners shipping services LLP, Sukanta Chaudhuri from M/s. Eveready Shipping Pvt. Ltd., Bhanukar Mohapatra from M/s. Seatrans Shipmanagement Services Pvt. Ltd., Sufi Ahmmed from M/s. The Liberty Marine Syndicate Pvt Ltd, Manoranjan Pal from M/s. Ace Commercial Co Pvt. Ltd., Jitendra Kumar Pati from M/s. Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd., Santosh Kumar Satpathy from M/s. TM International Logistics Ltd., Priti Sundar Swain from M/s. Bothra Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd., and Basudeb Patra from M/s. Transworld Logistics Pvt. Ltd.