Vedanta launches transformative initiative ‘Panchhi -Sapno Ka Udaan’ project

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to recruit as well as educationally empower socio-economically disadvantaged girls in its Odisha’s Sundargarh district-based coal mines areas, Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, has launched its ambitious-cum-transformative initiative programme ‘Panchhi -Sapno Ka Udaan’.

While sixteen local girls, hailing from Girisima, Jamkani, Jharapalam, and Mendra villages in the Sundargarh district’s Jamkani mining project jurisdiction, actively participated in this Vedanta-sponsored event, Sundargarh Sub-Collector Dasharathi Saraboo distributed identity cards to the participants.

Since the promising initiative has the potential to pave path for a brighter future for girls from the displaced families, V. Srikanth, CEO, Vedanta’s Mining Division, highly praised this initiative and brainchild of company’s founder father and chairman Anil Agarwal.

While Ashish Kumar, Vedanta’s Head of Human Resources, gave the opening remarks on the special occasion, his colleague Kashik Yadav facilitated the programme, and Sangeeta Sahu extended the vote of thanks.

Notably, the programme is aimed at adding feathers and wings to the young and educated girls by providing them with job opportunities as per their respective eligibilities as well as by extending a helping hand to enable those mines-displaced girls to complete their higher education.

Thus, Vedanta has started turning the aspirations of young women in mining area communities into reality through its ‘Panchhi-Sapno Ka Udaan’ initiative in the Jamkani coal mining project areas.

While this programme is empowering educated young women in the mining areas through merit-based recruitments, it is also offering support for higher education to those who had to discontinue due to unavoidable circumstances.