Highest Temperature
Pic sources:Indianexpress

Odisha to experience day temperature rise from April 15

Bhubaneswar: The day temperature across Odisha, presently comfortable following rains in several parts, is likely to rise from April 15, SOA’s Centre for Environment and Climate (CEC) said on Wednesday.

The temperature is likely to rise a little in south interior districts from April 14 but it would rise steadily from the next day with the disappearance of anti-cyclone along Odisha coast in the Bay of Bengal from April 15, Dr. Sarat Chandra Das, Director of CEC, said.

It will cause the stoppage of sea breeze towards coastal Odisha which will favour flow of northwesterly dry hot air into the state accompanied by clear sky conditions. The conditions will push up the day temperature Dr. Sahu said.

Anti-cyclone is a weather system with high barometric pressure at its centre around which air circulates slowly in a clockwise direction. These are associated with calm and fine weather.

Extreme heat condition, however, will be felt from April 17 and most stations in coastal Odisha may record 42 to 44 degrees C day temperature from April 18. Some of the coastal places might even experience higher temperature compared to interior Odisha, he said.