Shah’s rally cry: BJP’s bid for Odisha’s future anchored in progress and integrity

Sonepur: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today urged the people of Odisha to pave the way for the first BJP government in the state, promising a transformative era of progress and integrity.

Speaking at a rally in Sonepur ahead of the forthcoming Lok Sabha and state assembly elections, Shah minced no words in highlighting the pressing need for change in the political landscape of Odisha.

Shah’s address resonated with a clear vision for Odisha’s future, emphasizing the incumbent government’s alleged failure to deliver on the fronts of development and governance. He pointedly accused the ruling dispensation of not only stifling Odisha’s growth but also fostering a culture of corruption within bureaucratic corridors.

“Five times in 25 years, you have entrusted power to the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD,” Shah remarked, urging the electorate to consider a paradigm shift in leadership. “Empower the BJP once, and we pledge to elevate Odisha to the pinnacle of progress, making it a leading state in the nation.”

Central to Shah’s appeal was the promise of alleviating the longstanding issue of migration plaguing Odisha. He assured the gathering that under a BJP administration, initiatives would be undertaken to create abundant employment opportunities within the state, thereby stemming the tide of outmigration.

Moreover, Shah underscored the significant role played by the Modi government in ensuring food security for the people of Odisha through the public distribution system. He criticized the incumbent government for purportedly attempting to appropriate credit for the central government’s welfare scheme.

In a veiled jab at the ruling regime’s stance on cultural issues, Shah emphasized the importance of preserving and cherishing Odisha’s language and heritage. He contended that a government that fails to uphold these values cannot be entrusted with steering the state towards progress.

Highlighting the recent contentious episode surrounding the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony, Shah praised the resilience and spirit of the people of Odisha in celebrating the event despite alleged attempts by the state government to obfuscate its significance.