Amit Shah

Shah’s Odisha rally: BJP promises prosperity, challenges Naveen Patnaik’s leadership

Sorada: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today claimed that the lotus would flourish in Odisha, signaling the BJP’s imminent formation of the state government post-June 1.

Speaking at a public gathering in Sorada, Ganjam, Shah launched a scathing critique against the BJD and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for alleged failure to foster development in the state.

“Chief Minister Naveen Babu won’t return; the people of Odisha have already bid him farewell,” Shah declared emphatically while addressing the rally. “Naveen Babu is redundant in the state.”

Asserting that a BJP Chief Minister would assume office following the upcoming elections in the state, Shah contended that the Naveen Patnaik-led administration had regressed Odisha by half a century. “Consequently, the people of the state have resolved to dislodge the BJD from power and entrust BJP with governance to ensure rapid progress and a prosperous future,” he asserted.

Shah criticized Patnaik’s administration, accusing it of misrepresenting central government initiatives. “While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is supplying rice to the impoverished in Odisha, Naveen Patnaik adorns the rice sacks with his image, misleading the people into believing that it’s his distribution,” Shah lamented. “Why distribute empty bags when you could provide an additional 2.5 kg of rice beyond what PM Modi offers?”

The Home Minister also raised concerns about the Ratna Bhandar inventory and the duplicate key issue, vowing that a BJP government would disclose the investigation findings regarding the missing Ratna Bhandar key. “Who crafted the duplicate Ratna Bhandar key? Has it been used to access the chamber?” Shah queried, promising to release the Ratna Bhandar inquiry commission report within six days of assuming office.

Addressing the issue of migration for employment opportunities, Shah assured that under BJP governance, individuals wouldn’t need to leave Odisha for work within a five-year timeframe.

Furthermore, Shah highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s contributions to Odisha’s stature, such as appointing Draupadi Murmu as President of India and selecting the Konark Wheel for India’s representation at the G-20 summit.