Zen Technologies deliver anti‐drone system to Army Air Defence College in Odisha

Hyderabad: Zen, India’s leading anti‐drone technology and defence training solutions provider announced the successful delivery of its innovative Zen Anti‐Drone System with
Hard‐Kill (Zen ADS HK) to the Army Air Defence College in Gopalpur, Odisha.

This marks a significant milestone in bolstering India’s defence capabilities against drone threats.  
The Army Air Defence College, responsible for training India’s Air Defence Corps, placed an order for the Zen ADS HK 18 months ago, based on preliminary successful trials in accurate cueing of
automatic gun platform. Zen’s team designed, developed, and delivered a system that surpasses expectations, following rigorous testing and trials.  
Building upon its proven soft kill anti‐drone systems deployed by the Indian Air Force, Zen ADS HK offers a new layer of protection. This advanced system integrates seamlessly with existing legacy defence infrastructure, featuring a state‐of‐the‐art Electro‐Optical Tracking System (EOTS) designed and developed in‐house by Zen. The EOTS combines a day camera, thermal camera, and a Laser Range Finder (LRF) for effective all‐weather auto‐tracking.  
Zen engineers meticulously designed a software interface that flawlessly integrates with the L‐70 Air Defence Gun, a mainstay of the Indian Army and numerous other countries. The system boasts versatility, allowing integration with various cue‐able automatic gun platforms for wider deployment.  
Zen takes pride in the entirely indigenous design, development, and manufacturing of the Zen ADS
HK within India. This signifies a major leap in domestic defence technology. Zen is committed to providing cutting‐edge solutions for robust air defence. The Zen ADS HK empowers the Indian Army and positions Zen as a leader in the global anti‐drone market.