Dhanu Yatra concludes with the killing of Kansa

Dhanu Yatra concludes with the killing of Kansa

BARGARH: Dhanu Yatra, world’s largest open air theatre, concluded in Odisha’s Bargarh town on Sunday with the killing of demon king Kansa by Lord Krishna spreading the message of victory of good over evil.

The mighty king finally collapsed on the dazzling Pandal of his Ranga Sabha marking the end of the 11-day epic cultural festival as Mathura Nagari (Bargarh) heaved a sigh of relief.

Kansa was sure that he would kill the duo as he was unaware of their divine power and relied more on his muscle power. He fought with them and got killed.Dhanu Yatra concludes with the killing of Kansa

Lord Krishna’s incarnation was meant to destroy all the evil forces with the 11day long Dhanu Yatra, the biggest open air theatre of the world Kansa after hearing a voice from the heaven about his death and the killer had taken all precautions to save his life from child Krishna.

He killed all the eight children of his sister Devaki, but his death was pre-ordained. On the invitation of Kansa, two brothers Krishna and Balaram had come to kill Kansa.

Citizens of Mathura heaved a sigh of relief after the demon king’s death, and King Ugresan reoccupied the throne. With the killing of Kansa, the common citizen began to celebrate the moment and say that “Kansa Raja Bansa budu Aame Khaibu Hurum  Ladu”.

Although the Dhanu Yatra shows the same event every year, yet we feel it be totally a new. During the yatra period some state and central Ministers and secretaries of various departments paid their visit, said an official.

During the Dhanu Yatra, the whole town was decked up. During the festival, almost all the citizens of the town participated in it.