Dasburma Invested In 5 Companies Opposition

Dasburma Invested In 5 Companies: Opposition

BHUBANESWAR: It seems there is no end of trouble for minister Sanjay Dasburma with fresh revelations coming in about his alleged involvement in the chit fund scam in Odisha.

After Pajero episode, the opposition Congress and BJP on Friday showed several documents relating to the investment of the minister’s family in five companies and demanded that it should come under the purview of the CBI investigating into the chit fund scam in the state.  Dasburma Invested In 5 Companies Opposition

They alleged that money had been invested in the name of family members of Dasburma in five companies- Nilachala Granite Pvt Ltd, Nilachala Mining Pvt Ltd, Team Media and Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Nilachala Builders Pvt Ltd and Techoshine Info Solution Pvt Ltd.

The opposition said that the registered office of all these companies is L-3/2 Labour Colony in Kharavela Nagar, Unit-3 of Bhubaneswar, which is Dsaburma’s residence.

Showing the documents relating to the investment in the companies, BJP leader Sameer Mohanty said the directors of the companies are Satyprakash Jayasingh, Suryaprakash Jayasingh, Bhimsen Jayasingh, Ramakrishna Das (Dasburma’s father) and Sailabala Dasburma( wife of the minister).

Senior Congress leader Lulu Mohapatra said the CBI should conduct an inquiry into the financial transactions of the companies and their proprietors.