Odisha govt sales dal

Odisha Govt To Sell 5,000 Tonne Dal

BHUBANESWAR: In order to tackle the skyrocketing price of pulses in the state, the Odisha government has decided to purchase 5,000 tonnes dal from centre to sell these at a reasonable price to consumers in the state.

Food supplies and consumer welfare secretary Madhusudan Padhi said the state would place its demand of 5,000 tonnes of dal before the centre.

Odisha govt sales dal
Image: Financial Express

Notably, the central government has decided to release 10,000 tonnes of unmilled Tur dal at the rate of Rs 66 per kg and unmilled Urad dal at the rate of Rs.82 per kg to the states for retail distribution.

The state would sell the milled/processed dals at a reasonable price which should not be more than Rs.120 per kg.

Centre has requested state governments to avail this benefit and utilise the available stocks for managing the prices of pulses in their respective States.

The states have been requested to project their demand immediately to ensure timely allocation from the buffer stock. They have also been asked to keep a close watch on the prices and to take stringent action against hoarding of the commodity.

The central government has already empowered the states to impose stock limits on the pulses to ensure easy availability.