BJD Transferred Fund To Maoist Leader Sabyasachi Panda

BJD Transferred Fund To Maoist Leader Sabyasachi Panda: Former Minister

BHUBANESWAR/NEW DELHI: Former Union Minister Braja Kishore Tripathy on Tuesday alleged that ruling BJD has transferred lakhs of rupees to Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda, who is in jail.

He said a sum of Rs.45 lakh had been transferred from BJD’s SBI account to jailed Naxal leader Sabyasachi Panda’s account in ICICI Bank, Chhatrapur Branch of Ganjam district, in July 2014.

“This transfer has taken place during 2014 general elections,” he alleged at a press conference in New Delhi.

Mentioning that he had informed the Prime Minister about the alleged deal, Tripathy said this proved the direct nexus between the ruling BJD and the Naxalites operating in the state.

He also alleged that lakhs of rupees have been transferred by BJD leaders to the Maoist leader’s account several times.

He also alleged that the Chief Minister had recommended allotment of Talabira Coal Block in favour of Birla Group in return for Rs 8 crore deposited in BJD account on 12 April 2013 by General Electoral Trust.

“While 18 out of 30 districts of the State (Odisha) is affected by severe Naxal violence, the present Chief Minister and the President of the ruling party Naveen Patnaik is only furthering his political interest and promoting Naxalism,” alleged the Union Minister.

He also said that although the Central government was well aware of the mining scam, slow progress in chit fund scam and illegal money transaction in the past during previous Congress regime of UPA-I and II, it had not taken any action due to honeymoon relations with the ruling BJD.

“The present BJP government at the Centre is also following the footstep of Congress government and is honeymooning with the ruling BJD in Odisha betraying trust and faith of people of the state,” said Tripathy.