Subarnarekha, Budhabalanga Rivers Swelling

Subarnarekha, Budhabalanga Rivers Swelling

Bhubaneswar: The fear of a flash flood loomed large over the northern parts of Balasore as incessant rain continued on Thursday in the catchment areas of Subarnarekha river.

Heavy rain in the upper catchment areas of Budhabalanga river triggered the possibility of floods in rivers Subarnarekha and Budhabalanga.

The people in riverside villages are scared with the Met department predicting heavy rainfall in next 24 hours.

Sources said the two rivers are swelling gradually. However, the water level in the two rivers is below the danger level. The water level in Jalaka is also rising.

Under the influence of low pressure, the sea has been rough while people in riparian areas are panicked over it. According to reports from the district emergency office, areas like Khaira Bahanaga, Soro, Oupada, Simulia, and Remmuna received record rain between Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

The district recorded 776.7 mm rain. Khaira received the highest of 107 mm rainfall, Jaleswar 7 mm; Balasore 97 mm; Bahanaga 95 mm; Soro 89 mm; Oupada 64 mm; Simulia 56 mm and Nilagiri 03.6 mm.

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