Odisha Govt Formulating SOP To Address Gender-based Violence

Odisha Govt Formulating SOP To Address Gender-based Violence

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government is formulating a standard operating procedure (SOP) to address the problem of gender-based violence in the state.

A high-level interdepartmental meeting to this effect was held under the chairmanship of Development Commissioner R. Balakrishnan here on Saturday.

Considering the draft SOP, Balakrishnan directed the department to make the SOP more realistic and put in place a compliance tracking system both at the state and district levels.

Balakrishnan also directed to take exemplary actions against the defaulting officials in following SOP so as to have a deterrent effect on others.

Health secretary Arti Ahuja said that various guidelines had been circulated in different points of time through various departments to deal with the cases arising out of gender based violence.

The gaps in the implementation of these guidelines have been analyzed. Many suggestions have also been received from various forums, said Ahuja.

A trial is being made to formulate a comprehensive SOP on the basis of these inputs to have a more effective system in place.

The department has formulated an integrated draft SOP which was discussed at the meeting on Saturday. Suggestions received in the meeting would be incorporated into it, and the final draft would be submitted to the government for approval, said an official.

The role and activities of seven departments and agencies like health and family welfare, police, child welfare committees, protection officers, shelter homes, child care institutions and legal service providers have been integrated into the proposed draft SOP.

The issues relating to preparedness and response of the administration to gender-based violence cases, medical examination and treatment of the victim, collection of the evidence, seamless linkages, and referrals among various service providers were discussed in the meeting.

The meeting also deliberated on the safety of the victim, privacy and dignity of the victim, role of police, role of protection officers, role of CWCs, and role of shelter homes and child care institutions.

The Development Commissioner advised that the provisions of no harassments to the good  Samaritans who come to the rescue of the victim be included in the SOP.

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