Pradhan lauds Odia community

Pradhan Lauds Odia Community In Singapore

Bhubaneswar: Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Saturday met Odiya community based in Singapore. He also attended Ganesh Puja organized by the community.

While addressing the 300-odd gathering, Pradhan said that Odiya people, our ancestors, used to make the trade with South East Asia in previous centuries, and their contribution to the development of South East Asia is well recognized.

Appreciating the successful, constructive role being played by the Odiya community in the development of Singapore, Pradhan said that the present generation of Odiya brothers and sisters based here are doing the same work that our glorious ancestors had done.

He added that intelligence and hard works are trademarks and the key to success of Odiya community which has put them on the path to success everywhere in the world. He appealed to them to contribute in whichever way possible to the development of Odisha.

He welcomed them to come and participate in the socio-economic life of Odisha.

Referring to Singapore success story, he said, “We have missed the opportunity to create several Singapore like states in India including few in Odisha.”

He mentioned that making Paradip refinery the base, the state can develop a Singapore type ecosystem in Odisha.

Indian High Commissioner to Singapore Vijay Thakur Singh recalled Bali Yatra and said that Odiya people had pioneered maritime trade with South East Asia and compared visit of Minister to that of Bali Yatra.

During the day, Pradhan visited various refinery, petrochemical complexes to explore how successful petrochemical complex can be developed in India including in Paradip in Odisha.

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