BJD Diverting Public Attention From Its Failure: BJP

Bhubaneswar: Reacting to the repeated stalling of Assembly proceedings by the ruling BJD, BJP Legislative Party leader K V Singh Deo on Thursday said that the BJD government and its administration are working overtime to divert the attention of Odia people from the multiple failures to provide basic facilities.

He said the government has failed to provide Bijli, sSdak, Pani, health care, education and livelihood to the poorest of the poor.

The recent spate of events that include Dana Majhi and Nagada incidents showed that the government has taken the state backward while all the time claiming that it is working for the people.

In order to cover up, they have raised the bogey of Mahanadi and Polavaram. The government itself wanted a discussion on the floor of the house on Mahanadi but while the discussion was going on the Water Resources Minister who is also the CM, was absent. The discussion remained inconclusive, Singh Deo said.

Similarly, on Polavaram, though the BJD government itself wanted a discussion, their MLAs disrupted the proceedings and the house couldn’t discuss the issue, he added.

All this goes to prove that BJD government is neither serious about the developmental issues of the state nor about Mahanadi or Polavaram, instead they want to politicize the issues and divert the attention of the people from the real issues of poverty, healthcare, education, law, and order, etc, said Singh Deo.

“This is nothing but a poll ploy keeping the Panchayat election in view,” he added.

“But the people of Odisha are not blind. They can see through the tactics of BJD and their nefarious design,” Singh Deo added.

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