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40 Poisonous Snakes Rescued From A Person’s Storeroom

Kendrapara: Panic gripped among the villagers after nearly 40 poisonous snakes were found moving on a storeroom and on the roof of a person at Angulai village under Kendrapara Sadar police station on Sunday.

Being panicked, the family members and the villagers sounded an alarm to the Kendrapara-based snake helpline personnel to nab the vipers from the house.

According to sources, the vipers were moving at the inner side of  asbestos roof and walls of   the storeroom of one Bhramarabar Swain of Angulai village. The house is surrounded by agriculture fields.

Bhramarabara Swain used to keep house construction materials in that house along with some asbestos papers. On Sunday, he went to bring asbestos that was kept in that house.

Surprisingly, Bhramarabar Swain saw several poisonous snakes taking shelter on the corner  and gap of the asbestos kept one after another on the roof. Later, when Bhramarabar Swain made an attempt to bring the asbestos,  the snakes started moving here and there in the storeroom. Being panicked, Bhramarabar Swain gave a call to the snake helpline personnel of Bagada.

When the news spread in the locality, a mad rush was seen on the spot. The villagers feared to drive the vipers away from the storehouse. One Prafulla Swain, a  trained snake helpline personnel of Bagada with his assistant came to rescue the snakes from the house.

According to Praffula Swain, the trained personnel of Snake Helpline managed to nab more than 25 vipers from the  storehouse with the help of snake catching stick and clippers and kept the rescued vipers in a water drum.

The poisonous vipers like Cobra, krait, banded krait, rat snake, painted snake, water snake, and Russel viper were rescued by him from the spot. Most of the vipers were more than two feet long. Whereas several poisonous snakes managed to escape from the house towards the agriculture fields during the rescue operation, informed the snake helpline personnel.

“I have rescued the snakes and later released the vipers at a forest near Ramnagar under Mahakalapada forest Range. Such a huge number of vipers congregated and taking shelter at a place has not been seen by me in past. The reason behind might be due to the house remained unused since last some days  and in the ongoing rainy season most of the snake holes were submerged in the rain water in agriculture fields,” said Swain.

So to take shelter, the vipers might have come to the house after finding a safe place for them, said Praffula Swain.

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