Honorary Doctorate on Achyuta Samanta

Czech Varsity Confers Honorary Doctorate on Achyuta Samanta

Bhubaneswar: Metropolitan University Prague has conferred the honorary Doctorate Degree on Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the founder of KIIT and KISS on Saturday.

Samanta has been conferred the honor at the Graduation Ceremony of the University for integrating quality education with human values and social service.

It is for the first time the Metropolitan University has conferred Honoris Causa to somebody since its inception. Over the years, several universities from all parts of the world have conferred Dr. Samanta with Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Earlier, he has received two from other universities of Czech Republic, including a ‘Silver Medal’ for his outstanding social work and contribution to the society.

Metropolitan University is a leading University in the Czech Republic, situated in Prague. Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and popularly known as the “City of hundred spires”.

KIIT has established itself as a center of excellence in professional education, while KISS is the biggest tribal residential institute in the world.

Expressing his gratitude to the University, Dr. Samanta said, “I will continue my commitment to work for the society and determination to create a level playing field for marginalized children of the world. I dedicated this honor to the cause of every underprivileged child of the world”.

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