Kurlon Launches Its New Range Of Mattresses In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Kurlon, India’s largest selling mattress brand, launched a new range of mattresses here on Monday.

All existing products from Kurlon have been upgraded and infused with its latest innovation- Kurlopedic Technology and are available now with the benefit of this latest technology.

Kurlon, with over 55 years of experience has always strived to ensure that their consumers get a perfect comfort. For this reason, they have continuously invested in their R&D and have periodically launched innovative products with world class technologies.

Kurlopedic Technology fortifies the mattresses with anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bed bug protections. All spring mattresses are equipped with side weilling for additional support to the side to prevent side sagging.

Sudhakar Pai, MD Kurlon Enterprise Ltd, said “We believe in a holistic approach towards excellence. And excellence is not a one-time factor. Continual excellence can be achieved only with regular innovation in product and technology. Kurlopedic Technology is an excellent result of our dedication to R&D for continuous innovation. Appropriate and timely investments in R&D and in upgradation of our manufacturing facilities continue to give us that edge both in the market and in consumers’ psyche.”

The company is looking at a major growth plan in the country. At the helm of this growth, is the retail expansion plan. Ravi Sahgal, EVP & Business Head, Kurlon elaborated the expansion plan.

“Our planned expansions will not only increase the visibility of the brand but will also give state-of-the-art stores to consumers, where they would get to understand the art and science behind Kurlon products,” he added.

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