Dhanu Yatra in Bargarh

Dhanu Yatra, world’s largest open-air theatre festival, begins in Bargarh

Bargarh: The reign of King Kansa has started and the scared people are eagerly waiting for Lord Krishna to land in Mathura and kill the evil King.

Dhanu Yatra, the 11-day open air theater, has begun in Bargarh town on Monday.

The 11-day festival, the world’s largest open-air theater festival, is based on Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay. The story begins with the legendary king of Mathura, Kansa, also uncle to Lord Krishna, ascending the throne, and ends with Krishna killing Kansa.

During the festival, Bargarh represents Mathura, Ambapali, situated across river Jeera, becomes Gopapur while river Jeera symbolizes river Yamuna.

The festival is a symbolic representation of good winning over evil and is a post-independent phenomenon to mark the end of the British rule.

For the first seven days, Kansa will hold court at a place called Hatpada. Eighth day onwards, the royal court of Kansa will move to the more spacious Nishamani School ground.

With the central theme of the festival revolves around  ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’, the enactment of day one will begin with king Kansa’s accession to throne followed by wedding of his sister Devaki with Basudev and concludes with ‘Kansa Badha’ at the hands of his nephew Lord Krishna on the day of Pausa Purnima, slated to be held on January 12.

The significance of the play is that everyone including collector, judges, ministers, police and other officials oblige to pay obedience to the orders of Maharaja Kansa.

The king punishes the violators with fine or mild physical punishment. The total administration of the town and the people are taken over by King Kansa.

Hrusikesh Bhoi will play the role of King Kansa, the main protagonist of the festival, for the ninth time in a row while Sriyansh Mohapatra will play the role of young Lord Krishna.

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