Mahanadi issue

Raman Singh accuses BJD of creating politics on Mahanadi water dispute

Rourkela (Odisha): Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Saturday said Mahanadi water issue is being politicised by the ruling BJD in Odisha to divert the attention of people from core issues ahead of the panchayat polls in the state.

Addressing a gathering in Sundargarh during BJP’s panchayat polls campaign, he said there is no dispute over sharing Mahanadi water expect for politics by the BJD government.

“The people in Odisha want to know about what steps have been taken to address migration problem, poverty, electricity, road and farming issues. But, they are raising the Mahanadi issue only to divert attention from the core issues,” said Singh.

Refuting the allegations of the Odisha government that Chhattisgarh is trying to block water flow into Hirakud dam, he said while Chhattisgarh uses only 4% of Mahanadi water, Odisha uses only 14% and the rest 82% goes to the sea unutilised.