Ola, Uber cabs

Ola, Uber cabs stay off roads in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The drivers of Ola and Uber cabs have resorted to an indefinite strike in Bhubaneswar following a reduction in their incentives.

These cabs may not be seen on the roads of the capital city for an indefinite period, until their demands are met, according to sources.

The cab drivers, who used to get hefty incentives in the earlier days, alleged that both the ride-hailing companies have cut down on driver incentives. The companies that had been giving incentives on each trip are now providing the same on the basis of various packages.

“Earlier, the drivers used to get hefty incentives by increasing the number of rides, but nowadays these are cut down. As a result, we are incurring heavy loss and not being able to repay loans too,” alleged an Uber driver.