IT major Infosys spreads awareness on cleaner earth

IT major Infosys spreads awareness on cleaner earth in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: IT major Infosys witnessed a grand carnival recently with large participation of BhuInfoscions on its clean and green campus. A parade was conducted to spread awareness on the importance of earth and why we should save our mother earth.

They spread several messages to save water, no plastic bags, carry garbage bags while you are in picnic and clear your own stuff.

“For the sustainability of our planet, we should promise to fulfil our responsibilities towards mother nature. As a global citizen, it is our priority to protect our living planet from deterioration and to handover clean & green planet to our future generations,” they said.

“Every day we produce tons of degradable & non-degradable wastes and throw them anywhere recklessly. Smoke & harmful gases from our homes, vehicles or industries are suffocating our mother earth and few years down the line we will not be in a position to even breathe,” they added.