Kunduli gangrape victim commits suicide

Kunduli gang-rape case: Forensic Science Laboratory refutes media reports again

Bhubaneswar: With controversy over the forensic report of Kunduli gangrape case refusing to die down, the State Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) on Sunday once again dismissed the media reports that traces of semen of two persons were found from the undergarments of the Kunduli victim, who committed suicide recently.

According to a regional channel, the preliminary forensic report found traces of semen of two persons from the undergarments of Kunduli gangrape survivor.

“The disputed draft inter-divisional report between Serology and Biology Divisions of the State FSL in the aforementioned case being aired by the media is not the final inter-divisional report on the basis of which the final chemical examination report was prepared and issued,” said FSL in a press release.

“In the current case the final examination report has focused more on the results of DNA Profiling technique conducted through a latest, sophisticated and internationally validated equipment free from human error,” it added.

“Thereby we refute the allegation circulated by a section of media over the final examination report in the aforementioned case,” said FSL.