Amit Shah in Bolangir

BJP’s victory in Odisha will be bigger than Tripura: Shah

Bolangir: Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah on Thursday said that the victory of BJP in Odisha would be even bigger than the Tripura.

“The verdict in Odisha is going to be bigger than Tripura. The turnout clearly indicates that BJP will form the next government in Odisha,” said the BJP President while addressing a Yuva Sammelan at the Kaushal Kala Mangal ground here.

“I had not spoken about Mission 120 yesterday (at a public meeting) and Naveen babu planted news in media as to why I was silent. But I had not spoken about it because am sure we will win more seats here, much bigger than the mandate we got in Tripura recently,” said Shah.

Coming down heavily on the BJD government, the BJP national president said, “In the last 1.5 years, more than 14 workers of BJP have been killed but no culprit has been caught so far. They are moving scot-free as the State Government is shielding them.”

He said the problem of excessive fluoride in drinking water shows the failure of Naveen Patnaik-government in Odisha.

“Around 4200 people have kidney related diseases due to this. If a small check-dam had been built, people would not have been forced to drink fluoride contaminated water. We will ensure that the check-dam is built with the help of the Central Government,” said the BJP president.

“If a government after 18 years of its rule cannot at least provide drinking water to the people of the state, then it has no right to stay in power,” Shah added.