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After Mahanadi, Chhattisgarh constructing project on Tel river: Congress

Bhubaneswar: After constructing barrages over Mahanadi river, Raman Singh government of Chhatisgarh now started construction of another mega irrigation project barrage over Tel river, said Odisha Congress president Niranjan Patnaik on Friday.

Tel river is a major tributary of river Mahanadi.

He demanded Chhatisgarh must stop monopoly on Mahanadi river systems and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik must act accordingly and raise this issue in proper forum to upkeep Odisha’s interest.

“It will affect thousands of people living in Nabarangpur, Kalahandi, Bolangir and Subarnpur districts of Odisha,” alleged Patnaik.

He said this barrage is situated on the confluence of river Tel and Barahi, barely 500 meters away from Khaparadihi village in Chandahandi block of Nabarangpur. Chhatisgarh government has set a target to irrigate around 3000 hectares of land from this project in their state, said the Congress president.

He said Rs 18 crores has been sanctioned in the first phase and one private construction company has been assigned for the work.

“There will be no spillway or canal system in this project. Underground pipelines will be laid to irrigate farmlands.

“When Odisha government is silent on this issue, BJP government at the centre is merry-making for this. After completion of this project, these four districts will remain completely dry in the lean season. The fishermen and farmers will be the worst sufferer. The tube wells and wells will dry up,” informed Patnaik.

On the other hand, the vast area of Chandahandi block will be marooned, he added. Chhatisgarh government has started work on this project long back. But Nabarangpur district administration and Odisha government were unaware of this development till recently. This dispute must be put before Mahanadi Tribunal for settlement, urged Patnaik.