Panic as tusker barges into OUAT farmhouse

Wild elephants spotted on Bhubaneswar outskirts

Bhubaneswar: Two wild elephants were spotted near Bharatpur reserve forest area on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

Locals spotted the elephants taking bath and playing inside a water body in the area.

However, locals of the area are in a state of panic after coming to know that the presence of pachyderms near the human habitations.

After getting the information, the forest officials rushed the spot.

However, Divisional Forest Officer Kedar Swain informed that there is no reason to panic as the area is surrounded by wire fencing and boundary wall that will prevent the animals from entering into the human settlements.

Forest and police personnel have been alerted and the movements of the animals are being closely monitored, Swain added.