Odisha govt revises bond policy for medical students

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to address the shortage of doctors and check further brain drain from the state, the Odisha Government has revised its Bond Policy for medical students from the next academic session.

As per the policy, an MBBS graduated from the state-run medical colleges have to deposit Rs 1.5 crore for pursuing PG course outside the state.

Health Minister Naba Kishore Das informed students pursuing PG courses or super specialization medical courses after completing MBBS in state-run colleges are bound to serve under state government for two years.

 “Candidates reluctant to stay in Odisha for the predetermined period will have to pay compensation against the bond. PG students have to pay Rs 1.5 crore and those pursuing super specialization courses will deposit Rs 2 crore” Das informed.

The Bond Policy will now be enforced after this year’s admission.

Earlier, the bond amount was Rs 36 lakh for both PG and super specialization students.