Google Translate adds Odia language

Bhubaneswar: Used by millions across the world, Google Translate has now added Odia language to its list of supported languages.

Google has announced that it is adding support for five new languages to its translation service-Odia, Kinyarwanda, Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur.

“Languages without a lot of web content have traditionally been challenging to translate, but through advancements in our machine learning technology, coupled with active involvement of the Google Translate Community, we have added support for five languages: Kinyarwanda, Odia (Oriya), Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur,” Isaac Caswell Software Engineer, Google Translate said in a statement on Wednesday.

“These languages, spoken by more than 75 million people worldwide, are the first languages we’ve added to Google Translate in four years, and expand the capabilities of Google Translate to 108 languages,” the statement said.

“This is a major step towards promoting digital literacy in our native language & to help millions of non-speakers embrace it,” tweeted the E&IT Department of Odisha government.