Coronavirus: Mandatory registration of people coming from abroad

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Monday made it compulsory for registration of all people, who have come Odisha from abroad after March 4, through a web portal and helpline number.

Any deviation in this regard would be dealt with provisions of CrPC.

“At this point of time the biggest source of infection of Covid-19, is persons coming from abroad into the State. With closure of Colleges, Universities etc, coupled with lock down in many countries and home based work option for professionals it is expected there will be a huge surge of people returning from foreign countries into odisha. This multiplies the threat of Virus spread into Odisha,” said a statement from CMO.

Odisha Government has decided on the following Regulation to further effectively monitor the situation

  • Anyone who comes to Odisha from abroad has to register himself/ herself mandatorily in the toll free number 104 or the online portal.
  • This should be done within 24hrs of arrival with basic details and phone numbers. However advance registration before arrival will be highly preferable.
  • They will be required to be in home quarantine for 14 days. They will be given an incentive of Rs 15,000 for Registration and Home Isolation. Their location will be tracked during their home isolation and mandated number of calls will be made everyday to keep a close watch and give appropriate medical guidance.
  • However, to trace and track persons who have already entered the State, ( those who have entered the state on or after March 4th) a 48-hours’ period from 6am tomorrow to 19th March 6am is allowed to register themselves. This will help the State in tracking persons who are already inside the State, sensitise them about home isolation and keep a watch on their health for effective monitoring of the situation.
  • Registrations can be done by the passenger or relatives or friends. This direction is issued as per the over all regulations and anyone not complying the same will be punishable under the provisions of Indian Penal code and Criminal procedure code.
  • This initiative is being taken as a measure of abundant caution to protect the people of Odisha from getting infected by people who may be carriers of COVID -19 coming from abroad. This regulation will be in force till April 15th and maybe extended based on situation.
  • The State Government of Odisha appeals to each one travelling from abroad to Odisha to comply with this and be part of the States’ efforts in protecting the people of Odisha.