East Coast Railway produces masks, sanitizers

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) has decided to use its workshops, sheds, and depots to produce masks and sanitizers, alongside the other works, to fight against COVID-19.

All three divisions of ECoR-Khurda Road, Waltair and Sambalpur are utilising their resources to produce masks and sanitizers.

Till now, Khurda Road division has produced 700 masks at Coaching depots Bhubaneswar and Puri. Electric Loco Shed at Angul has produced 50 litres of alcohol based sanitizer.

Waltair division has manufactured 20,000 masks utilising its own resources. Also 300 litres of sanitizer has been prepared at Diesel Loco shed, Vishakhapatnam.

In Sambalpur division, 2414 masks have been prepared with the joint efforts of Engineering, Commercial and Mechanical departments. Also, 10 litres of sanitizer has been prepared at coaching depo Sambalpur.

Mancheswar Workshop has produced 1200 masks and 70 litres of alcohol based sanitizer. It is to mention here that the cost of in house production of alcohol based sanitizer is almost one tenth of the market price.

The sanitizer is being prepared as per the standard formula of WHO. It consists of Iso propyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine and distilled water. These masks and sanitizers are being supplied to railway staff who has to attend duties.

ECoR is taking all the measures to assist the nation in its fight against Covid-19 using all its resources.