online campaign against liquor home delivery

Sambhaba to launch online campaign against liquor home delivery

Bhubaneswar: Opposing the Odisha government’s decision for online home delivery of liquor, Sambhaba, a social outfit fighting against liquor menace, has decided to create public support against the use of liquor through an online campaign.

Through a month-long online campaign #OdishaAgainstLiquor, its volunteers across the state will reach out to public via all possible online routes.

To begin with, Sambhaba will hold a Twitter trending campaign on Friday evening from 7-8 PM with Hashtag #OdishaAgainstLiquor.

Online campaign against liquor home delivery

Speaking about the initiative, Saumya Ranjan Mohanty, a member of Sambhaba said, “Coronavirus acting as a blessing in disguise has given much-needed relief to thousands of families those facing liquor menace in their home from many years. The two-month-long lockdown has put a brake on the daily domestic violence, accidents, rape, and eve-teasing caused by tipplers.”

“Lakhs of people across the state during this pandemic situation are feeling a sigh of relief because of closure of liquor shop. But all their happiness has faded away after the commencement of online delivery initiative by state government,” he added.

“Through our month-long online campaign #OdishaAgainstLiquor, we will hold a series of campaigns that will clear the misconception associated with the public on liquor ban. Also, we will try to connect with youth across the state against liquor menace,” said Mohanty.