MKCG Medical College and Hospital

Selfless service of MKCG health workers receives wide appreciation

Bhubaneswar: The selfless service of the health workers at MKCG Medical College and Hospital, Berhampur has received wide appreciation. 

The official page of the district administration tweeter shows this. A small visual in the tweet page shows the extra miles walked by the health workers in providing service to the Covid infected patients. 

Replying to the tweet, KVG Ravi Kumar, the leader of a civil society Organization said, “Yes Sir, Truly. We should always be indebted to them. On behalf of the Nobel Cause, Berhampur appreciation kits have been distributed to all the frontline warriors of DCH2 and MKCG.” 

Among others, Dr Pamod Agrwal, Jamula Suresh, Anupam Mohanty, Murali Krishna, Sishil Tripathy, Dr Prsanta Kumar Panda, Nihar Choudhury and many others have appreciated the health workers for their qualitative health services.

Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra, while complimenting the good works of the health workers in MKCG, said, “Sincere services rendered with touch of humanism and love win hearts of the people; and, sets inspiring examples for others”.