Krushna touch Kashmera

Why did Krushna touch Kashmera’s feet in The Kapil Sharma Show? watch

Krushna Abhishek brings laughter to anyone’s face with his comedy. Whenever he comes to perform in The Kapil Sharma Show, the audience bursts into laughter.

During the Kapil Sharma Show, Krushna suddenly touched the feet of wife Kashmera Shah in front of everyone.

Actually, in Sunday’s episode, the show’s producer and actor Salman Khan arrived for the promotion of his film Antim. During the show, he was accompanied by Ayush Sharma and the director of the film Mahesh Manjrekar. The trio had a lot of fun with Kapil Shamra and the team.

In the show, Krushna, along with Kiku Sharda, comes in the costume of Dharmendra’s film and has fun with the guests. In this episode, Kashmera was sitting with the audience. Krushna first introduces the audience to the producer of the show. When Kashmera’s turn comes, he falls at her feet, and Kashmera too suddenly gets scared of catching Krishna’s feet and screams.

Krushna asks Kashmira if you have any problems? Kashmera says in response, no, no problem.

Listening to Krushna, the audience could not stop laughing and started laughing out loud.