1.5 Bn views when Akshay Kumar, aka Bachchhan Paandey, held 12 Moj creators for ransom

​Since Saturday, social media has been in a tizzy with 12 Moj creators going missing from across different cities in India to Akshay Kumar capturing them and demanding a ransom of 1B views to release them. When the Godfather, BachchhanPaandey, aka Akshay Kumar, revealed the ransom for releasing the creators, the internet was swamped with the generous contributions of the audience. In meager twenty-four hours, the netizens generated 1.5 billion+ views on Moj around the #BachchhanPaandeyKiMoj.

Besides Akshay Kumar sharing a tweet and video of the creator’s capture, the stunt saw the star cast – Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, and Jacqueline Fernandez also playing up on the campaign speculating the news of the capture of popular content creators. To everyone’s surprise, Akshay Kumar took away 12 Moj creators via a train from Mumbai to New Delhi on Monday (14th March) where together, the star cast along with Bhavi, Himanshu, Sohail, Rashi, Surbhi, Pranavi, Khwaish, Sriish, Sameeksha, Simran, Sohail, and Prasad made some exciting and fun content.

Bachchhan Paandey aka Akshay Kumar on releasing the content creators said, “MojWaalon, maangayetumhe, sirf ek din mein 1.5 billion views. Chalochhoddiyatumhare creators ko. Meri Mojhogayitoh ab tum bhiMoj karo. #BachchhanPaandeyKiMoj”

Talking about the exciting campaign with Moj, Akshay Kumar said, “It was an amazing experience to spend some hours in the train and create content with these talented creators. With the rise in content creation on short video platforms like Moj, I can see so much talent in our country that is not only being noticed but appreciated by everyone. We, from the BachchhanPaandey team, are happy that we explored this opportunity. Hope to see you all in the theatres on 18th March.”

Commenting on the holistic partnership with Sajid Nadiadwala’s BachchhanPaandey and Akshay Kumar, Ankush Sachdeva, Co-Founder and CEO of ShareChat and Moj, said, “The success of the campaign #BachchhanPaandeyKiMoj demonstrates the power of Moj and its creators in reaching the masses from diverse backgrounds and becoming a conduit for a two-way, action-oriented engagement with the fans. With the evergreen actor, Akshay Kumar, anchoring the campaign alongside the talented Moj creators, we saw a fantastic response from the fans, which elevated the reach and response to the campaign. Short video content platforms have made it easier to personally connect with the fans and have become one of the most important mediums for film promotions.”

Bollywood marketers and promoters are increasingly partnering with Moj, India’s number one short-video app, to reach out to diverse, and hyper-local audiences at scale to complement the non-traditional promotional routes. The hashtag campa