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Viral: Salman Khan makes statement on his marriage!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is running very busy these days. He is not only signing films one after another, some of his advertisements are also coming out.

Recently, such a video of Salman has gone viral, which is causing havoc on social media. Everyone wants to know that when ‘Bhaijaan’ means Salman Khan is getting married?

In this video, Salman Khan has also spoken such a thing about his marriage, after listening to which his fans have burst into laughter. Actually, the video we are talking about is of a soft drink advertisement shot by Salman Khan.

Salman Khan had recently shared this advertisement on his social media accounts and now this video of him has become viral on the internet. Salman Khan’s double role has been shown in this advertisement.

One is Salman Khan from the past, and the other is from the future. From the past Salman, the future person asks in a very style that ‘Prem’, will not welcome you.’ After this, the past Salman goes to the future person and says that I have a body in the future also.”

After this, the past Salman asks for marriage, then the future Salman says: “It is done… Hearing this, the past Salman becomes very happy, after which the future one tells him while making him face the truth.”
After this, the heart of past Salman Khan is broken.