Heat Wave
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Absence of sea breeze cause of heat wave: CEC

Bhubaneswar: Existing meteorological factors in Odisha have contributed to sharp rise in day temperature with several places recording above 40 degree C, the Centre for Environment and Climate (CEC) at Siksha ‘O’Anusandhan here said on Saturday.
The higher temperature leading to heat wave condition has been caused mainly because of the absence of sea breeze during the day and night, Dr. S.C. Sahu, Director of CEC, said.
Besides, radiational cooling of the earth’s surface during night was not prominent because the atmospheric temperature at 250-350 metres height was found to be 5 to 6 degrees C or in some cases even more than the surface temperature, Dr. Sahu said.
Mixing of air above the surface was not possible which caused recording of more than 31 degrees C temperature at 8.30 in the morning, he said.
The heat wave conditions prevailed over coastal and interior Odisha and day to day variation in temperature would be felt depending on the wind speed coming in from the plains of north western India, Dr. Sahu said.
There was no possibility of ‘kalbaisakhi’ or norwester as the humidity percentage was very low, he said adding clear sky conditions and position of the sun during summer also favoured rise in day temperature.
Dr. Sahu said though upper level moisture flow through Odisha was evident it was very less and was getting evaporated causing dissipation of clouds even if they formed in the afternoon.
This condition is likely to prevail till April 21 with some places recording close to 45 degrees C between April 18 and 20, he said.
There was probability of decrease in temperature from April 22 with the coastal districts recording less than 40 degrees C. The interior districts would experience 41 to 43 degree C temperature during the same time, he said.
The frequency and intensity of ‘kalbaisakhi’ would gradually increase from April 22 due to favourable moisture flow from the Bay of Bengal towards the Indian landmass, Dr. Sahu said.