Talcher-Sambalpur super critical doubling project in full swing

Bhubaneswar: The construction work for Super Critical Doubling work of Talcher-Sambalpur line is in full swing and ahead of completion soon. More than 96% of construction works of this project have been completed till now.

A patch of 9 Kms between Maneswar and Sambalpur City Stations has been completed and commissioned yesterday for both Goods and Passenger Traffic.

A.M.Chowdhary, Commissioner of Railway Safety, South Eastern circle inspected the Doubling and electrification work between Sambalpur City and Maneswar in Sambalpur Division, yesterday, i.e. on 30.05.2023.

Chowdhary inspected safety-related aspects like Overhead Equipments, Bridges, Signal & Telecommunication Equipments, Railway Track, Manned level crossing etc. and also conducted a Speed Trial between Sambalpur City and Maneswar Stations.

This has been possible due to consistent review of project works by Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji. General Manager Manoj Sharma advised concerned officials to focus for the speedy completion of various project works along with Super Critical Doubling projects like Talcher and Sambalpur Doubling.

Sharma also advised officials to coordinate with stake holders including State Government officials for early completion of the projects.

Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw is giving priority for the Development of Railway infrastructure of the region along with various project works going on in Odisha and also is monitoring the developmental works regularly. Talcher and Sambalpur Doubling Work will boost the economy of the region and will provide a hassle free train operations between vital rail line connecting Western Odisha with Coastal Odisha.

Doubling Work in Talcher-Sambalpur Super Critical (168.21 Kms) project was included in 2011-12 and the final Sanction was given in 2018. Works between Sambalpur City and Maneswar Stations, a stretch of 9.0KMs was completed and commissioned. This is a super critical and important coal route between Talcher and Brajarajnagar. With this, a total of 162.212 Kms doubling work has been commissioned so far in phased manner which is 96.38% of total length of the project.

Remaining 06 Kms of this project between Sambalpur City and Sambalpur Stations has been targeted to be completed in next couple of months. Latest anticipated Cost of the project is Rupees 1539.28 Crores and Rupees 1377 Crores have already been spent which is about 90% of the total cost.