No power cut likely during sizzling summer in Odisha  

No power cut likely during sizzling summer in Odisha  

BHUBANESWAR: The Odisha government has prepared an action plan to provide uninterrupted power supply during the summer season in the state, and it has decided that there would be no power cut during the summer in the state.

According to the action plan, strategic planning has been taken up by the Energy Department in consultation with the Gridco to take up measures to avoid power shortfall before the advent of summer.No power cut likely during sizzling summer in Odisha  

Gridco, the bulk power purchaser of the state, has planned out the strategy in such a way that the average demand of 3500 MW and peak demand of 4100 MW till June 2016 will be met from various sources.

According to sources, the government will bring power from different sources including an additional power of 150 MW from Vedanta during the sizzling summer.

Since Ind-Barath is expected to go for commercial operations during March 2016, Odisha expects 50 MW from it.

Besides, Gridco will go for power banking arrangements with Punjab and Delhi, which are power surplus. Gridco, which will purchase power through power banking management from other states, would return the power to the states during monsoon season.

During January, average demand is 2850 MW and peak demand is 3800 MW, while in February average demand will be 2900 MW and peak will be 3850 MW.

Similarly with growing temperature, average demand in March is expected to be 3150 MW and peak would be 3950 MW, which will go up further to an average demand of 3450 MW and peak demand to 4050 MW in April.

In May, average demand is likely to be 3500 MW and peak 4100 MW, which will remain at the same position during June 2016.