Bhulekh Odisha website helping on land records

Bhulekh Odisha website helping on land records

Bhulekh Odisha, an online portal developed by the state government, is providing immense help to the people for getting information about land records.

The people can check land records in various districts of Odisha online. It provides details about the landowners, land/plot information, land pap (Naksha), record of rights (ROR), property value, plot number and other information relating to the land records.

It also provides details about current land rates, lists of property transactions, property tax receipt and survey documents.

Citizens can easily access all their records by visiting the Bhulekh Orissa portal and providing the required information.

With the people facing land-related frauds, particularly in urban areas, the web portal facilitates transparency in the land records management system, which helps to decrease land fraud cases including illegal possessions and illegal sale of land.

In the busy world, you can get all your land record details through your mobile or computer. You do not have to visit the concerned department and seek an appointment from the concerned officials to get any kind of detail related to land property.

After visiting the official website of Bhulekh Odisha, the users have to select the name of the district, subdivision, tehsil, and name of the village.

The user will also have to put the Khatiyan number or plot number or tenant name to view the land record online.

Process to download Bhulekh Odisha land record

  • Visit Bhulekh Odisha website
  • After entering the website, you will get two options-Bhulekh ROR view or the Bhulekh map view (Bhunaksha Odisha).
  • To access the land record information, you need to enter district, village, tehsil name and RI circle.
  • Then, you have the option to get RoR information either through Khatiyan, plot or tenant details and you have to choose one of the options
  • Once you entered one of the above options, click on RoR front page and RoR back page to download the land record document.
  • To download Bhulekh land record of Orissa (Bhulekh Khatiyan), you need to click on the Print Link and then save the file as PDF

Bhunaksha Odisha (Land Map-Bhulekh Odisha Map)

  • If you to get Bhulekh Odisha map view, click on the Map View tab given on the menu bar
  •  Then, you simply enter district name, RI circle, and Tehsil name and sheet number

Meanwhile, the Odisha government has decided to launch a revenue portal to provide all land-related services to people through a single platform.

According to an official, the revenue portal will integrate various online platforms like Bhulekh, BhuNaksha, Land Records Management System, Revenue Court Case Monitoring System, Dynamic Web Information System of Tehsils, Manual of Tehsil Accounts, Revenue Dashboard and Document Management System for land records.

On the other hand, the state government has already launched an online land revenue payment system in the state. This land revenue payment system would provide great relief to farmers who had to run to various government offices to pay land rent.

The system will help farmers to make payments within minutes and get rent receipts.